Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Up All Nigth Club


For all we know they may have wanted this sign to read Diamond Night Club. Whose idea was it to still put this up in bright lights and not ask for it to be reprinted?

And how about the upside laundry sign? Did someone hang it out to dry?

In God We Trust

Let me know if you can make sense of this. I think they were just given a set of words and they weren't given an order to put them in. Have fun in the comments with the order you would have put them in!

I swear I didn't edit this or add any filters.

Car Wash Signs


Can anyone explain this liability to me? If your car is newer than 3 years will they cover more things? Will your car self destruct if it's over 3 years old?

Make 'em Laugh

 Make 'em laugh until they cry they say right?